Our solutions

We offer custom solutions for industrial information system so you can practically anywhere and anytime check the status of technology and production, and immediately respond to any disturbances.

Mobile HMI panel - tablet

We offer a unique opportunity to mobile HMI panel in the form of a tablet. This concept can be controlled directly from the technology space required.Not only tablet is able to communicate directly with Siemens S7 PLC, but it can also retrieve historical data from other sources, and view charts and reports. The main advantage (besides mobility) is the low cost of tablet in compersion  which the original mobile panel. We are also offering the applications for mobile phones for monitoring and controling technology from anywhere.

Operator station

We also offeri our HMI visualization as a classical program, or as a Web service. Using this technology you can check the progress of production and statistical data from a browser. We have developed our own system for  measurement data storing and logging information from the PLC. This system allows you to create reports and graphs. One of the main benefits are lower licensing fees.
In case of any queries do not hesitate to contact! info@prumsys.cz